Zero Trust Identity (CIAM)
You need to know that your customers are who they say they are; customers don’t want to jump through hoops to prove it and they want you to keep their credentials safe.

"Losses from fraudulent online transactions are expected to reach $25.6 billion by 2020"

— Juniper Research

Acceptto provides a seamless customer experience while providing continuous security. Our approach automatically finds the optimal policy for each transaction to maximize security while minimizing friction for the user with machine learning and AI analytics. This enables your organization the ability to provide a secure, smooth customer experience to your users.

Seamless Customer Identity
& Access Management
Protect your customers identities through a delicate balance of security and a frictionless, pleasant customer experience.
Behavioral authentication

Actionable Threat Analytics
Real-time, continuous identity monitoring & validation Post-Authorization

User identity

Credential Stuffing Neutralized
Eliminate account takeover (ATO) instantly with intelligent MFA

Zero trust identity

Dynamic Authentication
Risk-based policy orchestrated continuous authentication

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