Passwordless Continuous AuthenticationTM
On a Mission to Make Passwords Obsolete, and Account Takeovers Impossible
Our intelligent, Passwordless Continuous Authentication™ technology analyzes user identity and uses behavioral modeling to infer whether a user is a threat before authentication, during authentication, and post-authorization.
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Eliminated Account Takeovers


Daily Secured Authentications

Dealing with the Growing Obsolescence of Passwords
Unfortunately, passwords are growing in obsolescence every day because cyber criminals figured out that we have too many digital assets to remember all our passwords. Criminals use compromised credentials at scale to credential stuff websites yielding owned accounts 2% of the time and then monetize these accounts in various ways. Enterprises have an opportunity to remove friction for the enterprise user or the customer enhancing the digital experience, add friction for the threat actor and lower operating costs by evolving the way we think about authentication into a continuous process from an event with a binary outcome. It's called continuous behavioral based authentication using data science and streaming data. Shahrokh Shahidzadeh & Jim Routh discuss the journey to continuous behavioral based authentication at RSAC21.
Intelligent MFA
Your Employee and Customer Logins
Have Already Been Hacked
Access is what facilitates the productivity that fuels business-- but it also represents the site of greatest vulnerability. Attackers already have the information they need to compromise these critical gateways to your company's information, commerce, and technology.
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Passwordless Continuous
AuthenticationTM Platform
Passwords are clunky and outdated, presenting an easy target for threat actors trying to get in. We remove this target by eliminating passwords, period.
Acceptto’s risk engine calculates whether an access attempt is legitimate or not by tracking user and device posture pre-authentication, during authentication, and post-authorization. We deliver a continuous, step-up authentication process with real-time threat analytics in an age when identities are persistently under attack.
No Passwords, Ever.
Acceptto monitors user behavior and application activity to create an enriched user profile within each application landscape. Whether through web, mobile, workstation or IoT, we deliver the most intelligent continuous authentication system available. We let a user in, because we know the user is legitimate. No passwords or tokens needed.
No Passwords Ever

Acceptto Integrations

Global Cloud Software Providers and Web applications

Acceptto's Passwordless Continuous Authentication technology integrates with top cloud service providers, web applications and VPN for remote access. Easily add additional layers of security to your enterprise with Acceptto’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) and extend the value of your current enterprise Identity Access Management (IAM).

Continuous authentication integrations

Authentication is not a single event with a start and end, nor is it a simple binary “yes” or “no”.
It is a continuum.

Acceptto eliminates the reliance on weak and outdated controls by incorporating multi-modal telemetry into our solution. We utilize contextual, behavior-based credentials that are virtually impossible to replicate, tamper with, or spoof. This is our revolutionary Biobehavioral® approach to identity access management.

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Acceptto offers a unified risk-based continuous authentication platform for leading technology partners of all sizes. We partner with our customers and vendors across healthcare, education, and technology to deliver the best in class cybersecurity solutions.

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  • “ Acceptto nicely augments every IAM platform, old and new; cloud-enabled or on-prem, with the most advanced approach to passwordless solutions ever. ”

    Jim Kaskade, CEO, Conversica

    - Jim Kaskade, CEO, Conversica

  • “ We find the Acceptto team and their technology to be of great value in the security field. We’re excited about our partnership with Acceptto. ”

    Asif Choksi, CEO, N-Krypt

    - Asif Choksi, CEO, N-Krypt

  • “This is the future of digital authentication as passwords continue to grow in obsolescence, and Acceptto has a platform to provide enterprises with this capability today that offers an effective implementation approach for every modern enterprise.”

    James Routh, Former CISO MassMutual, CVS, Aetna, DTCC & American Express

    - James Routh, CSO, Aetna

  • “ Acceptto’s technology is visionary. ”

    Adam Buchwald, Lewis & Clark

    - Adam Buchwald, Lewis & Clark

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