Secure your workforce identity with Acceptto’s end-to-end risk-based Continuous Cognitive AuthenticationTM eGuardian® platform. With Multi-Factor Authentication, Single Sign-on and Network Traffic Intelligence our unified solution detects and prevents identity access fraud across the enterprise and their end consumers…all without passwords.

Acceptto is a transformative BiobehavioralTM AIML authentication technology delivering you continuous identity protection and peace of mind in an age where passwords are ineffective and identity authentication is mission critical.

Multi-Factor Authentication
Acceptto’s It’sMeTM mobile application verifies and authenticates all users with BiobehavioralTM Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to authorize access to applications in real-time and anywhere. By putting you in charge, we prevent hackers from stealing your identity.

Acceptto is built on the premise that your credentials today, and those that you’ve yet to create, have already been compromised. Your identity cannot simply be based on a password or a one-time token or only your biometrics. Your immutable identity is a combination of your physical behaviors, attributes and digital DNA. We call it Cognitive AuthenticationTM.

You can eliminate preventable harm with our BiobehavioralTM AIML technology that enables frictionless authentication, prevents credentials stuffing instantaneously, ensures your true immutable identity continuously, and dramatically reduces risk, likelihood of fraud and cost of helpdesk operations without the guesswork or latency.


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Acceptto offers a unified, modern and trusted risk-based continuous identity authentication platform for leading technology partners and organizations of all sizes. We partner with our customers and vendors across healthcare, education, and technology to deliver best in class cybersecurity solutions.

  • “ We find the Acceptto team and their technology to be of great value in the Security field. We’ve already done some slick work in terms of integration with their platform, and it’s extremely user-friendly and powerful at the same time. We’re excited about our partnership with Acceptto ”

    Asif Choksi, CEO, N-Krypt

    - Asif Choksi, CEO, N-Krypt

  • “ Assume all of your identity attributes are already breached, even those not yet created! ”

    Shahrokh Shahidzadeh, CEO, Acceptto

    - Shahrokh Shahidzadeh, CEO, Acceptto

  • “ eGuardian® platform capabilities are delivering
    “Unconventional Controls” to Aetna’s Next Gen Auth platform. ”

    James Routh, CSO, Aetna

    - James Routh, CSO, Aetna

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