Acceptto supports a wide range of your enterprise and cloud applications with our plugin solutions for securing your Identity for LifeTM with multi-factor authentication.

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Introduction to Acceptto

Click on the icons to find detail documentation on how to integrate Acceptto's Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution and get started today with Multi-Factor Authentication for your enterprise.

Remote Access & VPN

TOTP and MFA installation and configuration information for Remote Access and VPN.


Integration documentation to secure access to apps and data with Acceptto's Continuous Behavioral Authentication for Citrix StoreFront, Workspace and NetScaler.


Acceptto's installation and configuration solution for Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication for Azure MFA, Outlook MFA, Active Directory Services MFA, and Active Directory Federation Services MFA.

Cloud Service Providers

MFA installation and configuration for Cloud Service Providers.


MFA installation and configuration documentation for web applications.