Say Goodbye To Passwords
Passwordless Continuous AuthenticationTM
Employees hate using passwords as much as you hate managing password vulnerabilities. The more passwords and tokens that are put in place, the greater the risk.
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Intelligent MFA

Acceptto’s It’sMeTM mobile application verifies and authenticates all users with intelligent Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to authorize access to applications in real-time and anywhere. By putting you in charge, we prevent hackers from stealing your identity and accessing your accounts and data even if they have your passwords or credit card information with Continuous Behavioral AuthenticationTM.

Add More Security

It’sMeTM Multi-Factor Authentication adds extra security to authorize your online transactions in real-time by sending a push notification or verification code (via SMS, TOTP, email and Voice) to your registered device. With our TOTP option, you can authenticate your device even when it’s offline. It’sMeTM also facilitates each login and/or transaction being analyzed by our state-of-the-art risk-based Continuous Behavioral Authentication™ platform.

Say Goodbye to Passwords

We deliver the smartest, passwordless continuous authentication system commercially available for web, mobile, workstation and IoT devices.