Acceptto's Privileged Access Manager solution is designed to secure and audit all IT resources and assets with zero or minimal cost and operational hassle. It helps you stop and mitigate insider threats at inception.

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Available as either a hardware appliance or virtual machine, the Acceptto PAM platform enables security officers to achieve complete observability into remote and privileged sessions by recording all user activity across virtual, cloud and physical environments. It enforces multi-tiered constraints on session privileges, while maintaining accessibility and productivity.

PAM Laptop

Effortless transparency via aUnified Access Gateway

Acceptto PAM platform provides 360 degrees insight into your privileged sessions in your corporate network without sacrificing the productivity of your users. Gain unprecedented visibility into all your remote privileged sessions while still keeping your administrators in control. No complex installation or operational overhead. With a single point of access into your corporate assets, you don’t have to radically change the way your administrators work, you empower them to do more by enhancing and augmenting the tools they use.

Stop insider threats at inception

More than 50% of corporate security breaches involve an insider adversary in one or another form. By employing a fine-grained and zero-trust RBAC approach to access control, the Acceptto PAM platform will make sure that your users are limited to just what they need, not what comes with underlying remote access protocol. Grant the right access level confidently using a simple and intuitive interface.

Audit trails that scale with you

Achieve decades-long data retention using widely available storage hardware ranging from low-cost commodity to top of the line enterprise storage solutions. Our efficient and intelligent recording systems make sure that you don’t waste valuable storage capacity over long periods of time. The Acceptto PAM platform is a cloud-ready solution that scales with your needs.

Protect Your Identity with Acceptto's Privileged Access Management
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