PCI Compliance
Acceptto’s platform leverages more than a traditional standards-based approach to authentication and MFA: it leverages a data science approach in a way that goes beyond just meeting core PCI DSS compliance requirements, or any other common standard.

Which is the largest risk, people or passwords?

When it comes to authentication, it’s both – people using passwords. The ability to let people authenticate continuously without passwords is now possible with Acceptto, and doing so correctly will increase security while meeting the intent of today’s standards and compliance requirements.

Future PCI DSS
With PCI DSS 4.0 on the horizon, there is an opportunity to approach authentication with a more risk-based approach. Rather than the traditional 7 characters with an alpha-numeric, it will offer the opportunity to implement strong authentication, enabling a solution with passwordless MFA and continuous authentication.

Acceptto’s PCI Compliance approach advances ahead of current standards to actually provide ongoing continuous awareness of data access. This offers many additional security, functionality and usability benefits, some of which meet additional requirements, and many that are not even part of a standard. A few key things Acceptto’s authentication approach supplies from a technical, security or compliance perspective:

With No Passwords, attackers have reduced options to attack your organization’s environment.

With Continuous Monitoring of identity in real-time and behavioral AI, your threats can be reviewed and actions can be taken at run time to prevent the threat from becoming a breach.

The ability to use risk to define your policy orchestration creates a dynamic approach to authentication and enables Continuous Automated Enforcement.

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