Identity is More Than Passwords and Tokens.
Identity is Defined by Authentic Behavior.

Acceptto’s intelligent Passwordless Continuous Authentication™ technology analyzes and verifies user identity and infers contextual data to determine if a user is legitimate or a threat before, during and after authentication. Try it for free in three easy steps.

Acceptto is on a mission to make passwords obsolete, and account takeovers impossible.
By tracking the user and device posture pre-authentication, Acceptto’s risk engine can calculate if the attempt to access a resource comes from a legitimate user or application, barring threat actors before they even attempt to access the protected resource. Post-authorization, any action or transaction that deviates from acceptable behavior is subject to step-up authentication or if the risk associated it too elevated the attempt is denied and audited.
Passwordless Continuous
Intelligent MFA: Employees hate using passwords as much as you hate managing password vulnerabilities, and the more passwords and tokens that are put in place, the greater the risk.

Zero Trust Identity (CIAM): You want to know that your customers are who they say they are; customers don’t want to jump through hoops to prove it and don’t trust you to keep their credentials safe.
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Authentication is not a single event, with a start and end, with a simple binary “yes” or “no”, it is a continuum.
Acceptto eliminates reliance on weak and outdated controls by incorporating multi-modal telemetry that contributes to the creation of a unique, contextual, behavior-based credentials that is virtually impossible to impersonate, tamper with or spoof.

Actionable Threat Analytics
Real-time, continuous identity monitoring & validation Post-Authorization


Credential Stuffing Neutralized
Eliminate account takeover (ATO) instantly with intelligent contextual MFA


Dynamic Authentication
Adjustable, risk-based policy orchestration and continuous enforcement

Intelligent MFA
Authentication Methods
Elevate your platform login with Acceptto ISME™ secure high integrity continuous authentication solution for all your on-premises corporate applications.

Say Goodbye to Passwords

We deliver the smartest, passowrdless continuous authentication system commercially available for web, mobile, workstation and IoT devices.

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