Delivering behavioral multi-factor authentication solutions through intelligent risk-based Cognitive Continuous AuthenticationTM across web, mobile, cloud and IoT.
Behavioral MFA
Acceptto’s It’sMeTM mobile application verifies and authenticates all users with intelligent Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to authorize access to applications in real-time and anywhere. By putting you in charge, we prevent hackers from stealing your identity and accessing your accounts and data even if they have your passwords or credit card information.
Authentication Methods
It’sMeTM MFA supports SMS, email or phone call notifications. In addition, it offers a time-based one-time password (TOTP) option for authentication. This easy to use feature allows you to authenticate while you are in offline mode.
What is MFA?
MFA is a system of identity verification where you present, in addition to a username, two or more independent pieces of information to protect your identity against phishing attacks. It could be:
Something that you know (e.g. password, PIN, pattern).
Something only you have (e.g. smart card, mobile phone).
Icon of fingerprint
Something inherent to you (e.g. biometric data such as fingerprint, face or voice).
Some unique, contextual data associated with you (e.g. location, known device token).
It'sMeTM MFA Convenience: easy to set up, scalable, accessible from anywhere.
Elevate your platform with Acceptto's secure high integrity access management solution for all your on-premises corporate applications.
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