Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acceptto’s It’sMeTM?

The Acceptto It’sMeTM platform uses a large number of independent factors to prove that the user attempting to access a device is indeed the owner of the device. This gives the device owner the ability to be “virtually” present for every single transaction that requires authentication and real-time authorization when desired.

Can I enable and disable Real-Time transaction authorization?

Real-Time authorization for transactions is configurable based on user and enterprise policies. Policies can be based on the type of transaction (e.g. secure login, VPN, financial transaction) and the desired level of security. You can switch between real-time authorization vs notification and auto-approval based on contextual information like location, known device, or type of transaction, creating the highest level of security with the least amount of friction and a perfect, real-time audit trail at your fingertips.

How does Acceptto’s It’sMeTM work?

Acceptto’s It’sMeTM uses a mobile device, such as your phone, as the second factor to authenticate and authorize your transactions preventing hackers and fraudsters, even if they have access to your passwords or credit card information. Here is a simple illustration of what happens on an on-premise or cloud based login:

Do I need to download Acceptto’s application to take advantage of It’sMeTM MFA?

Yes, users need to download the Acceptto It’sMeTM mobile application to take advantage of MFA.

What if I do not have a data plan?

AccepttoTM MFA supports SMS, eMail or phone call notifications. Users need to set up policies for an OTP via these alternative methods.

Can I auto-accept all transactions and only monitor events?

Yes, you can set policies such as time, amount, etc. to activate notification only. Please contact us so we can help you with the policy engine.

What if there is no cell or WiFi reception?

We provide offline solutions and policy orchestration that enables auto-accept based on location, time and other contextual information.

Can I configure It’sMe to auto-accept all or some subset of the transactions?

Yes, you can configure to auto-accept all or certain transactions for certain amounts of time. This feature, combined with the amount limit, can be a useful policy for when users do not want to be bothered by real-time authorization.

What if I lose my phone?

If you lose your phone you can deactivate/lock your device by logging into your account console and suspending your device. Support is available by contacting us at