Modern internet users have a variety of choices for customizing their experience while web browsing.

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Fingerprint (DBFP) is a collectionof information gathered to uniquely identify a remote device attempting access.

For each discrete visit or user authentication attempt on a DBFP-enabled website, Acceptto's eGuardian® DBFP collects information about a variety of parameters including user-agent, browser type, and screen resolution. These data points form an overall picture to characterize each specific visitor, enabling the enterprise to ensure smart and secure authentication and eliminate potential threat actors through the use of multi-factor authentication.

Zeroes and ones with a blue fingerprint.
Digital brain image with intersection lines going through to different parts of the brain.

We work with a variety of customers and industries including Finance, Healthcare, Government and Higher Education offering a unified and frictionless data security protection. We built a next-generation intelligent, end-to-end risk-based Continuous Behavioral AuthenticationTM platform to analyze and verify your enterprise application identity access in a SaaS based operating model.
We put users in control of their identity.