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Beyond the Password: What Other Identity Authentication Technologies Are There?

Screenshot of password field with asterisks on a website.
What if you put your entire company at risk because your identity authentication is stuck in the 1990’s? Tech has come […]

The Evolution of Identity Authentication

Person viewing static on tv.
Your login credentials have been compromised. Your passwords have been hacked no matter how complex you’ve made them. Two-factor security is […]

StatCounter breached by hackers to Steal Bitcoins

Stock market numbers and bitcoin.
Hackers are getting more sophisticated each and every day. In more recent news cryptohackers planted malware on StatCounter to steal bitcoin […]

Why IT Needs New Unified Security Architecture Strategy

Network cables and wires.
Citrix and The Ponemon Institute conducted a study of over 4,268 leading IT security industry experts in 14 countries to find […]