Android It'sMe Pre-Release Installation Instructions


If you are installing a pre-release version of It’sMeTM on an Android device, you need to be registered as a “beta tester” in Google Play. Follow the steps below.

Note: The instructions and screens provided here are based on Android 9 running on a Pixel 3, your experience may be slightly different for your device model and Android OS version.

Step 1 - Determine if you’re already a Beta Tester
  1. Go to the Google Play app store.
  2. Search for “Acceptto It’sMe” and then tap the It’sMe icon to get to the It’sMe detail page.
    1. If you ARE already a beta tester, you will see a green banner alerting as such (left screenshot below). Skip Step 2 and proceed to Step 3.
    2. If you ARE NOT a beta tester, you will see no green banner alerting you as such (right screenshot below). Proceed to Step 2.
Step 2 - Join the Beta Program
  1. In the email that you received there will be a link that will initiate the beta program in the Google Play store. Once you have clicked the link, you should be able to join the Beta program.
  2. In the Google Play store under the Acceptto It’sMe app, scroll down the detail page until you find the beta testing section inviting you to “Join the Beta”.
    1. If the Beta program does not show up try closing the Play store and clicking on the link in the email again and going back to the Play store to see if it has shown up.
  3. Tap “Join” and confirm. The screen will change to say “Joining the beta”.
  4. IMPORTANT - Wait 1 minute and then close out of the Google Play store app. (This is a workaround to an issue with the Google Play store.)
  5. Go back and repeat Step 1 before jumping to Step 3.
Step 3 - Install the App
  1. Tap either the Install or Update button.
    1. Note: If you are presented an “Update” button, you already have a previous version of It’sMe on your device and it will be replaced with the Beta version.
Step 4 - Remove Yourself from the Beta Program

Right after installation you will want to remove yourself from the beta to ensure that the next time you update the app, it will be with the production release.

  1. Right after the app has installed, and before opening it for the first time, scroll down the app detail page until you find the beta testing section announcing that “You’re a Beta Tester”.
  2. Tap Leave and confirm.
  3. Once the screen responds that you’re being removed from the beta (shown below), you can close the play store App.