Acceptto's eGuardian® solution contains a proprietary risk engine that uses sophisticated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML) algorithms. In other words, it detects threat actors for risky behavior and prevents fraud at inception.

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Based on a risk scorecomputed by our proprietary AIML algorithms, a dynamic level of assurance (LoA) is computed.

Notice that while tailored policies can still be manually defined and contribute to the risk engine computation, our approach automatically finds the optimal policy for each transaction to maximize security while minimizing friction for the user with machine learning and AI analytics. This means a better end user experience.

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eGuardian® AIML based approach

By using artificial intelligence and machine learning based approach, the eGuardian® platform delivers a Cognitive Continuous AuthenticationTM architecture that addresses the ever-changing cyber-crime landscape, thus driving a much needed paradigm shift in enterprise security.

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We work with a variety of customers and industries including Finance, Healthcare, Government and Higher Education sectors offering a unified and frictionless data security protection. Our products serve clients small and large and offer an easy to implement modular identity authentication security solution.