Acceptto MFA for VMware Horizon®


The Acceptto Solution for VMWare Horizon provides Continuous Cognitive Authentication™ to protect access to your virtual infrastructure. It also provides valuable insight into user behavior and threat landscape using our Risk Engine, while reducing authentication friction for legitimate users and increasing the attack effort for threat actors.

  1. Installation of the Acceptto Appliance to provision the users to eGuardian.
  2. The user population must be provisioned as It’sMe users.
  3. Once all the users have an eGuardian account, configure the VMWare Horizon server to authenticate to the Acceptto Appliance using RADIUS.
User Experience login to VMWare Horizon using RADIUS
  1. The user opens the VMWare Horizon Client and provides their Active Directory Credentials
  2. The user receives a push notification through the It’sME application.
  3. The user approves and gets a notification on the mobile application.
  4. The VMWare Horizon allows access to the protected resources.

  1. The Provisioning gateway component gathers the Active Directory users.
  2. Users are provisioned in eGuardian.
  3. eGuardian sends invitations to users for enrollment purposes.
  4. The users provide information to complete the enrollment.
  5. When a user attempts to access VMWare Horizon, the user is prompted for their username and password.
  6. VMWare Horizon sends the credentials to the Acceptto Appliance RADIUS server.
  7. The Acceptto Appliance RADIUS server verifies the credentials against Active Directory.
  8. Active Directory accepts or rejects the credentials.
  9. If the credentials are valid, the RADIUS server sends an authentication request to eGuardian.
  10. eGuardian evaluates the request and if necessary sends a push notification to the user.
  11. The user approves the notification and is given access to the protected resources.

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