( SSO )

Is your company in need of greater security and compliance? Did you know there's a way to do that while simultaneously boosting your company's productivity and cutting costs? With SSO solutions you can do all of these things! With cloud computing, the need for security and control will remain a critical concern going forward as SaaS use keeps growing. How does SSO work within your company? It's something every business should consider.

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Increased Productivity

SSO solutions make workplaces more effective Believe it or not, the minutes spent trying to remember a password or creating an¬other one add up to a lot of time cumulatively.

The SSO solution is an effective way of saving time that could be otherwise spent and improve productivity.

What is SSO?

Single sign-on (SSO) solutions eliminate the need to remember multiple user-
names and passwords. In simplified terms, with SSO a user can access many
applications using one single login. Acceptto’s It’sMeTM mobile application
takes SSO to the next level by verifiying and authenticating all users with intel-
ligent Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to authorize access to applications in
real-time and anywhere.

Smart SSO with MFA

Elevate your platform login with Acceptto's secure high integrity continuous authentication solution for all your on-premises corporate applications.

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We work with a variety of customers and industries including Finance, Healthcare, Government and Higher Education sectors offering a unified and frictionless data security protection. Our products serve clients small and large and offer an easy to implement modular identity authentication security solution.