Setting Up

Getting Started

Add multi-factor authentication to your VPN, email, websites with Acceptto's Continuous Authentication TM technology.

Sign In at Acceptto Portal with the account you previously registered. If you have not registered, sign up here.

Acceptto Web Dashboard

When logging in or signing up, you are redirected to the dashboard (shown below). Now click on the orange Applications tab:

Applications Page

Click the 'New Application' button to go to the 'New Application' page. For each application you want to integrate with Acceptto you should create an application here.

UID, Secret & Hostname

Set the name of the application to whatever you like. For example: My Website. Set the redirect uri to - for example, for our showcase website we set it to Set the color to whatever you like, this is the color band that the user will see next to your application name in the Acceptto mobile app. Click on the Create Application button; now your application is created and you can copy the UID, Secret, and API Host from here:


If you require assistance, please email us at