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Acceptto offers a simple solution for adding Multi-Factor Authentication for ServiceNow users. Multi factor authentication, or MFA, is an extra layer of security used when logging into websites or apps in which individuals are authenticated through more than one required security and validation procedure that only you know or have access to.

Initial Steps

Make sure you or user/s have the Acceptto It'sMe TM Mobile App downloaded from the Google Play or App Store. Then sign up for a new account.

Configure MFA Plugin

Step 1 - Administrator Selects Users from the Portal to view the user list.

Login to Acceptto Portal

Select the cog icon on the top left hand side of the user list.

When the users detail account list menu appears, make sure you select and add Enable Multi-factor Authentication and select OK to apply this configuration to the list.

To apply multi-factor authentication to a user, select the user by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the username.

Change the Enable Multi-factor Authentication from FALSE to TRUE.

Step 2- Scan the QR code with the Acceptto Mobile Application.

On the next attempt to login, ServiceNow will prompt the user to scan a QR code.

Open the Acceptto Mobile Application and select the 3rd icon on the bottom menu to Scan QR Code.

Once the QR code is scanned, you will need to provide an OTP code to the ServiceNow webpage to authenticate.

Setup Complete

After the process is completed, all logins will require username, password and an OTP code.


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