Businesses are Rethinking
Authentication and Identity & Access Management Approaches
Pulse and Acceptto surveyed 100 security leaders to understand the authentication and identity & access management challenges they face:

Identity is more than just passwords and tokens, identity is defined by authentic behavior. Security leaders are waking up to this reality and more are re-evaluating MFA and CIAM approaches


Security leaders are saying goodbye to passwords

Managing Identity and Access is harder than ever and current tools are not cutting it! Due to the inadequacy of one-time authorization methods—like passwords and 2FA — 90% of security executives agree that intelligent MFA would help them better protect company resources.

Why Security Leaders are Adding More Security

The vast majority (92%) of security decision makers admit that identity and access management has become more challenging—and requires more IT resources to address—in the remote work era.

Has securing access become a bigger challenge and/or require more IT resources since the mass work-from-home migration?

Now is the Time for Intelligent Multi-Factor Authentication

81% of surveyed security leaders plan to increase their spending on customer identity and access management in the next year.

Find out why security leaders are going Passwordless