The Acceptto Juniper Solution creating a more secure identity login through Continuous Behavioral Authentication™.

Continuous Behavioral AuthenticationTM
for a dynamic level of assurance

Our solution provides continuous and behavioral identity authentication to protect access to your Azure resources and provide valuable insight into user behavior and threat landscape using our Risk Engine, while reducing authentication friction for legitimate users and increasing the attack effort for threat actors.

Protect your Juniper resources access with continuous authentication from Acceptto.

Acceptto’s machine learning and data science risk-engine delivers unrivaled identity security solution and ads additional layer of security for Microsoft Azure logins.
Get additional visibility to all Microsoft Azure logins with Acceptto’s It’s Me app and create role-based dashboards to proactively identify abnormal activity.

For more information reach out to us or explore our integration documentation.

Problem: traditional usernames and passwords
represent real vulnerabilities

Multi-factor authentication has become a more robust requirement, but not all multifactor solutions convey the same level of security. Most schemes treat all applications and users equally, independent of circumstance, location, or access method. In addition, phones, tokens, PINs, personal information, and even biometrics used as authentication factors can be stolen and used illicitly. This is why Continuous Behavioral Authentication is a necessity for any organization.

Solution: Acceptto's Intelligent Authentication For Juniper

Acceptto solution removes the dependency on legacy passwords used to access Azure resources, defeating traditional attacks such as credential stuffing, password replay and reusage, and improves the end user experience.

Download Acceptto Juniper Solution Brochure

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