Acceptto offers a simple solution for adding Multi-Factor Authentication for OpenVPN. Multi factor authentication, or MFA, is an extra layer of security used when logging into websites or apps in which individuals are authenticated through more than one required security and validation procedure that only you know or have access to. Acceptto supports any device or system that uses RADIUS servers for authentication.

Process Overview

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Configure OpenVPN

To add Acceptto MFA to any OpenVPN solution you will need to configure it to use RADIUS for user authentication. You can then follow our RADIUS how-to guide to enable Acceptto MFA authentication. Please contact Acceptto for RADIUS configuration. If you don’t have an existing OpenVPN solution, you can use following link to get started and set one up. Note there are many how-to guides for OpenVPN on different platforms. We used OpenVPN’s commercial package running on Ubuntu Linux distribution executing on Amazon’s AWS platform to prove things out. Visit this link for detailed instruction on how to do this:

How to setup OpenVPN

Alternatively, you can build and Install open source OpenVPN server:

Alternatively how to setup OpenVPN

After configuring your VPN server, use a browser to login into the OpenVPN management console. Go to the Authentication section. Select RADIUS authentication and point it to a Radius service configured for Acceptto MFA.
Amazon AWS interface EC2 Dashboard running OpenVPN server.

Go to the VPN host address to login into the OpenVPN web based management interface.

OpenVPN web based management interface:

Select authentication and point it to your RADIUS solution by entering IP address or hostname.

At this stage you are done VPN server configuration!
Users accessing VPN will go to the OpenVPN web address and login.

OpenVPN will download appropriate client SW, which the user will use to connect to the remote network. So to summarize, after user types in username and password, OpenVPN will verify user credentials via a RADIUS server configured to authenticate user via Acceptto’s MFA service.


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