Intelligent MFA
Employees hate using passwords as much as you hate managing password vulnerabilities. More passwords and tokens lead to greater security risk, fatigue, and cost. It’s time to get rid of them for good.
89% of security professionals claim that a more advanced multi-factor authentication tool that provides continuous, behavioral authentication would improve their company’s security posture.
Acceptto provides users with Intelligent MFA that intuitively authorizes access to applications and continues authenticating post-authorization. We prevent account takeovers, even if hackers have already acquired passwords.
Add More Security
ItsMe™ Intelligent Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) increases your security by authorizing access attempts to a registered device in real-time, be it through a push notification or verification code (SMS, TOTP, email, and etc.). With our timed based one-time password (TOTP), security key, or biometric options, you can authenticate access even when offline.

ItsMe™ additionally facilitates analysis of logins and transactions with our Passwordless Continuous Authentication™ platform.
Authentication Methods
Elevate your platform login with IsMe™ secure high integrity continuous authentication solution for all your on-premises corporate applications.
It'sMe Continuous authentication
Frictionless Mobile Check-In with I'mHereTM

Patented I'mHere(TM) technology enables Location Based Services (LBS) including: Contact Tracing, Touchless Transaction, Mobile Checkin (Education/Healthcare/Events/Travel/Entertainment), Hotel Room Access, Mobile Data Enrichment and Mobile Banking.

Behavioral authentication

Mobile Check-In
Announce arrival to mobile concierge service including Fasttrack Check-in, Location Access, Upgrades

Location Based Services
Guest loyalty services including Instant Gratification-Redemption

Crowd Safety Services
Crowd early warning services

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