Drupal CMS Integration


Acceptto offers a simple solution for adding Multi-Factor Authentication for Drupal users. Multi factor authentication, or MFA, is an extra layer of security used when logging into websites or apps in which individuals are authenticated through more than one required security and validation procedure that only you know or have access to.

Process Overview

Download Acceptto Mobile App

If you don't have an Acceptto account and Acceptto mobile application, Download our app and register a new account on it:

Download Drupal Plugin

Download Acceptto multi factor authentication plugin zip file from here

Install Drupal Plugin

Install our plugin using zip uploader in Drupal

Acceptto Module Configruation

Go to Modules list and enable Acceptto module and click on "Save configuration"

Click on the permissions link in front of acceptto module In permissions page give access to "Authenticated User" to use Acceptto module

Go Back to Modules list and click on the configure link in front of Acceptto. You should see this page:

Note: If you don't see this page when you click on configure, you should disable Acceptto module and enable it again, then set the permissions for plugin again and then click on the configure.

In order to configure plugin and set the UID, Secret, etc. you need to create an admin account on Acceptto web site and create an application in your admin panel. That application (For Example My Drupal website) will have UID, Secret that you can copy here.

Sign In with your account on our Web Dashboard

Go to our Dashboard Login and Sign In with the account you registered on Acceptto's mobile app. Then go to Applications page:

Click on the new application button. It will take you to new application page, for each application you want to integrate with Acceptto you should create an application here.

Set the name of application to whatever you like for example: My Drupal Web site. Set the redirect uri to http://your_domain_name.com/acceptto/login for example for our showcase website we set it to http://drupal.acceptto.com/acceptto/login. Set the color to whatever you like, this is the color band user will see next to your application name in Acceptto mobile app. Click in the Create Application button, Now your application is created and you can copy UID, Secret, API Host from here:

Integration Drupal With Acceptto

Paste the UID, Secret and API hostname to your Drupal configuration

Choose an Authentication message for example: Drupal wishes to authorize. This is the message your users will see on their acceptto mobile app when they are trying to sign into website. So you should replace "Drupal" with the name of your website in message. Click on the save configuration. now Acceptto module is activated you can enable multi factor authentication for individual users by editing their profile. Go to People page and edit your own user. in the bottom of Edit user page there is a new field named: "Acceptto Email For Multi Factor Authentication"

You and every user can enable multi factor authentication for his account by setting this email address to the email address you signed up with on Acceptto mobile app. set this to your acceptto email address and click on the save button. Now your account is multi factor enabled, you can sign out and try to sign in again. This time after entering the username and password you will be taken to Acceptto authentication options page (Push/Call/SMS). and after choosing for example push notification as your authenication method you will recieve a push notification on your Acceptto mobile app which you should accept in order to login into drupal.


If you require assistance, please email us at support@acceptto.com


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