Device Trust
Acceptto secures all your devices, enterprise applications, and credentials, to you. Our Device Trust solution enables passwordless Desktop SSO for Windows and Mac workstations and measures the security hygiene of devices, tracks who is accessing which company applications, and eliminates costly helpdesk support calls.

Your network is only as secure as the devices that are connecting to it.

Ensure device health, enforce control over managed and unmanaged devices, and instill compliance with access policies. Gain essential visibility into every device to keep your network secure.

Trust Where
It Matters Most
Trust the devices employees want to use. Gain visibility into every single device on your network and ensures device health.
Device trust

Advanced Security for Unmanaged Devices
Provide secure access globally to organizational applications to users on the devices they choose. Maintain control over network access and provide the proper level of security based on the policies you create. Don’t restrict access when you can secure unmanaged devices quickly and provide a zero-trust environment to your organization.

Device Visibility
Alleviate risk by verifying device health before granting access to organizational applications. Gain detailed insight into each device, both managed and unmanaged, in order to maintain healthy device posture and mediate out-of-date, rooted or jailbroken endpoints.

Reporting and Policy Management
Implement and monitor security policies with outstanding reporting features and a user-friendly interface. Pinpoint potential risks to maintain compliance and change your access parameters for all instances. Stay in control of device trust and maintain your security posture.